Places to eat at during your visit to Krabi Town

Published: 03rd August 2011
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Quintessential ‘Thai’ food is what you get to gorge on during your visit to Krabi Town. In a certain way, food comes second on the list of ‘must dos’ after travel during a trip to Krabi. The good thing is there are innumerous eating joints in and around Krabi that you never get enough of. The bad thing is, however, that there is no evident flaw anywhere at all!

What do these joints sell? You can buy noodles, grilled meat, boiled sweets, sino-thai dishes, etc. apart from the local Thai curries that are served.

Which are some of the best ones that make the Krabi Travel trip worth undertaking?

Bluejuice: The moment you enter this eating joint, you feel warm vibes greeting you all around. Make that better with an impressive menu, and you have a winner at hand. Jacket Potatoes, Meaty Club Sandwiches, Natural Vegetable Soups are some snacks you will never get enough of, in case you happen to fidget about health and diet. Occasional parties ensure the buzz around this joint is always lively and electric.

Choke Dee: The fact which makes this eating joint so famous is its location, which is in proximity to both the river and the town. Snacks, cold beers and noodles are some of the many options you get to dig into, all splattered with typical Thai spices to make it only better.

Firenze: This is a restaurant which has famously been nicknamed ‘Italiano en Thai’, by virtue of all the pizzas and pastas served at the site. The fact the sea view is as clear as it can be, ensures those interested in relaxation always get to have their 90-baht glass of house wine, take the couch and slouch.

Gusto: Your Krabi Travel trip will be worth it in case you travel all the way to Krabi Town to chomp on typical Krabi food. This joint serves them all. Typical Thai Curries, Steamed Vegetables with spices strewn over them in characteristic Thai fashion, bread and drinks etc. all done with the Thai touch is what you get here at this place.

May and Mark Restaurant: This restaurant is operated by a Thai couple who have named it after their children. Apart from the basic Thai dishes ‘dished’ out, other delicacies include Mexican, Lebanese, vegetarian, a wide range of Breads etc.

Takola Restaurant: Takola is that ace, which Krabi Town has always had up its sleeve. A relative lateral entrant in the dining scene, Takola resembles old-fashioned tradition and charm. You would feel your Krabi Travel trip has been vindicated if you try the Thai and Chinese culinary here.

Viva da Renato: The place to try the best Italian food out, Renato has been around for quite a few years. Pastas are home-made and bread come freshly baked on a daily basis. Oil used is 100 per cent organic olive. The restaurant has an impressive list of Wines served, a lot of space available to have a quiet evening with a lot of people around.

A visit to any distant place is only relished when you see all the important sites, and try out the local food. Rest becomes immaterial. These joints ensure you leave Krabi with many pleasant memories, the taste buds still itching.

Krabi is an attractive place for tour and tourism. Wonderful beaches and hotels of Krabi are famous all over the World. Plan your Krabi trip with travel Krabi and get discount offers.

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